O.C.A (Osaka Caregiver Academy)



O.C.A (Osaka Caregiver Academy)

The number of foreigner who live in Japan grows yearly. In Japan Nursing care industry, the number of foreign nationals whose staff turnover high and increased.
We established O.C.A so that graduate from foreign country who have obtained qualification to achieve.
New careers at O.C.A, in order to be able to take an active part in the industry smoothly. We have various Japanese support programs prepared for Saturday and Sunday course. A nursing staff first attend class training centering , focusing on foreign resident in Japan.
After completing the curriculum which the ministry of health, Labor and welfare formulated approved in Osaka Prefecture’s which is 132 hour. In the course of about
3 months, we can acquire nursing career starting person Caregiver ( Training Home Helper 2 ).
We have been participating in the Emergency Human Resources Development Support Project since FY 2010 and hosting the Care and Welfare Service Department to invite and invite programs and professional lecturers who would like job seekers to work as an immediate fighting force in the nursing care industry We do. (Job seeker training)
※ For job seekers support training, we are supposed to apply at Hello Work in your area of responsibility.


Carry-up will open up a wonderful power of foreigners living in Japan, and create new employment at the same time.
Inquiries by phone 06-6261-0120 9:00-18:00 (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are excluded)