First time visitor


First time visitor

What is carry-up

Carry-up was established in order to open up the wonderful power that foreigners living in Japan have, and to create new employment at the same time.
  • Support for foreigners living and loving Japan to demonstrate their own abilities.
  • Creation of an opportunity to have your own dream regardless of age, sex or nationality.
  • Securing new employees in response to the declining birthrate and aging population in Japan.
We have started a training course for nursing care staff (former helper class 2) training course at OCA (Osaka Caregiver Academy), which is located at our company, and also education in Japanese for people who are not good at Japanese I will.

Trust and achievements

Since establishment on February 14, 2007, we have been supporting the introduction and dispatch of work to more than 650 people, foreigners living in Japan, mainly from Filipino residents in Japan.
More than 80 companies have adopted Filipino people mainly!!
Perfect support such as update of work side · life side · VISA of those who are working at introduction · dispatch in our company!!
Experience over 10 years is proof of trust!!

Please make sure to enter trust and proven carry-ups!!


A feeling

KANSAI TRAINING CENTER, operated in the Philippines, learns Japanese in the Philippines who wish to go to work and work in Japan and educates them to learn Japanese smoothly after coming to Japan!!
Also, at KANSAI CARE SOLUTION AND MANPOWER SPECIALIST INC., We will provide all support for people working in Japan.
After coming to Japan, we provide nursing care and Japanese education at our company’s O.C.A (Osaka Caregiver Academy) and fully support after coming to Japan!!
With abundant experiences of over 10 years, we will do consultation etc. about work side · life side · VISA procedure!!

Difference between introduction and dispatch

I will make a suggestion for the job that suits you!